flippe-floppe-flye fumbles his way into friday with all manner of egregious happenings.

If you are unaware, Henry Fool fired himself from iBC today, not due to negligence, but sheer stupidity. Here on iBankCoin, I like to uphold a certain level of professionalism, in between dispatching heinous insults to my readers. Because of my standards, I cannot allow someone to blog here, under the distinguished title of “official tabbed blogger of iBC,” and say shit like “BUY IMAX NOW (MOTHERFUCKER OR ELSE I WILL KILL YOUR KIDS AND YOUR PETS) BEFORE THE BELL.”


On a far more serious note, no-one [Ragin] seems to have responded to my e-mail offering to offset the $10+ interest that flippe-floppe-flye owes me on a bet that after 2yrs, still awaits settlement, for an iBC Coffee Mug.

Obviously the entire culture of iBC simply consists of liars, thieves, assorted fools and just rather damned rude chaps.

*Wordpress has gone into total meltdown today, so all other posts will probably have to wait over the W/E