Stocks, commodities are all on a tear upwards due to Federal Reserve liquidity pumping. Green Mountain Coffee, fundamentally speaking, is an abomination, and so over-valued as to be totally ridiculous. However, it has, like other rubbish stocks, been rising in value relentlessly.

If, you want like I do, to short this stock, there are some very real requirements that need to be fulfilled. The main one is a legitimate catalyst: exposure of financial skullduggery is the main one, however loss of trading momentum is another.

Recognition of these, or other catalysts, takes time. They will not necessarily simply appear at some nice round number, say $100/share, they might, but, probably not.

Selling short, for more than return-to-the-median trades is an art form that has pretty much disappeared, possibly due to the Central Bank becoming so involved in fighting bear markets, the general market is another major factor in taking successful short positions. If you are fighting the cyclical or secular trend, you are walking uphill immediately.