It’s official. Before 2009 ends, “Santa Fly’s” biggest position will be Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc. (GMCR: 62.95 -0.65%) . The trend is undeniable and the technology is second to none: America loves “The K-Cup,” despite what you blue collar fuckers say inside of filthy Dunkin’ Donut hell holes.

The eps estimates are wayyyy too low, considering they (GMCR) make the hottest electronic device in America, aside from the Apple Inc. (AAPL: 200.59 -1.76%) line of products, and control the supply of coffee, via Tulley’s, Green Mountain brands and now (DDRX: 33.50 +0.84%) —all owned or soon to be owned by the makers of the Keurig.

Retail sales are on the mend, people; America wants their fucking coffee served fresh—fuckface. It’s the perfect gift, aside from The PPT (naturally).

flippe-floppe-flye feels that the earnings will surprise. Surprise they might, but I doubt it will be to the upside, there is some serious filtering taking place, but it’s not the coffee, rather the books.

As usual, flippe-floppe is a sucker for some lame story. If he actually looked at the financials, he would have noticed the message in the tea leaves so-to-speak. The Income Statement and Balance Sheet are tasting of acrid burnt beans.