flippe-floppe-flye is back, preparing his latest blog monetization scheme for iBC now that ChartAddict seems to have lost his mo-mo due to his return to college to study psychology I believe.

Coming Soon to iBankCoin
Monday, September 28, 2009 at 9:32 pm 68
First name Henry, last name Fool. His blog, which was carved out with the shards from his bones, is set to launch on 10/1.

Additionally, Mr. Woodshedder’s system trading splendor is almost ready for public consumption. This is the type of product that can be sold to wirehouses and hedge funds for millions, yet you ingrates will get it here, for fractions of what you should be paying.

Finally, “The Fly” is looking to hire (that’s right, I fucking pay my bloggers, unlike others) a high quality blogger—a person who knows stocks and can write in english, coherently.

All developing, as always

I believe some of the dross will be let go, cretins such as Chuck. Looks like more subscription options will be on offer, Wood’s system looks set to be added to the menu. As to always paying his bloggers – how about paying your gambling debt – you still owe me $10 from your excreable call on MVIS

“The Fly” doesn’t care about your penmanship. He doesn’t care about your ability to absorb information and if you are able to make money in the market. I blog here, daily, to write. I just let it flow, from the lower left part of my brain to the internets, for all the world to see. Unlike most bloggers, I have a job, that pays me a great sum of money—to do what I was born to do: manage money. So, don’t come here asking for handouts or advising me how to teach you better. Le Fly is light years ahead of the competition—just watch and absorb

My main man.

If I was a chart-chomper, which I am most certainly not, I’d be buying this market—hand over fist. However, thanks to the good grace of the Gods, I am not (sorry for the redundancy of that statement). Nevertheless, I am a buyer of IAC/InterActiveCorp (IACI: 20.3775 -2.36%) at these levels, for it is “DILLER TIME” (no homo), with regards to the internet. Ad rates are back on the mend; Omniture, Inc. (OMTR: 21.48 +0.19%) got bought out— and for the love of black flags: “The Fly” is all about the “net.”

flippe-floppe-flye stockpicking…