Ever wanted to write a book? Not quite sure where to start? Well Rhodytrader is writing another book for novice traders, and is accepting submissions in the following areas.

Staring Points

How is trading different from investing?
Why should I trade rather than just invest?


The Biggies

How much money can I make trading?
When do I know I’m ready to start live trading?
What books should a new trader read?
Should I quit my job and trade full-time?
Only professional traders make money, right?
Do I have to accept some big losses in the beginning?
How long does it take to make a stable income from trading?
How do I start trading?
How difficult is it to trade?
What is the percentage of people who succeed in trading?

Trading Education

Is it worth spending money on educational resources when there’s so much free stuff available?
If you know so much, why don’t you just trade?
How do I avoid scammers?

Markets & Instruments

What is the best market to trade?
What’s the safest market?
What should I trade?
Is forex trading a scam?
Is it better to trade spot forex or currency futures?
Should I avoid trading over the holidays?


What is leverage and margin in trading?
How much money do I need to start trading?
Is live trading different than demo trading?
What’s the difference between a stop and a limit order?
Where does the money I make in the market come from?
Do I have to pay taxes on my trading gains?


What’s the best indicator?
Which type of market analysis is better?
What is technical and fundamental analysis?
Why didn’t the market rise on the positive news?
What is Support and Resistance?
What are the differences between discretionary and system traders?
What timeframe charts should I look at?
What charting package and/or data feed should I use?

Trading Systems

How can I create a good trading plan?
How do you backtest a system?
Where should I put my stop?
Should I buy this system?

Trader Psychology

How important is psychology in trading success?
How can I overcome my fear when trying to pull the trigger on a trade?
Why can’t I follow my trading system?


What’s the best broker?
How should I select a good broker?
Is my broker trading against me?
Is my broker running my stops?


How do I get a job trading?
What types of trading jobs are there?
What’s better, an MBA or a CFA?
What kind of program should I do at school to get a trading job?