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The SEC Needs to Investigate CNBC
January 29, 2009 – 7:11 pm
Some of you people ask and ponder: “Fly, if you hate CNBC so much, why do you watch it? ”

Well, for one, there is not much of an alternative. But, more importantly, their commentary and rumor mill department moves markets. In my business, information is everything.

Well, CNBC is now reporting the so called “bad bank” idea, floated out there by Fuckhead Steve Leisman, is just a pipe dream. Gasparino is now reporting the Government has no idea how to implement such a program, without bankrupting ALL OF THE BANKS.

Wake the fuck up SEC. Those assholes on CNBC just spread a rumor that jacked bank stocks higher to the tune of 30% in one day. Now, one day later, we find out it was all bullshit?

You have to be fucking kidding me. You— have— to— be— fucking— kidding— me.

I allocated millions of dollars yesterday, based upon some end game for the banks and now I find out, while relaxing with the kids, it was just some crazy eyed story.

They (CNBC) are repeat offenders and legal action should be pressed.