Flip-Flop is running for cover in his comments section trying to bs his way out of a mini-trading debacle. He “claims” a 100,000 share position in Citi, but his Buy/Sell records do not confirm this claim. True, in initial comments made in a post, he did claim 100,000 shares, but not in his “official” portfoilio tracking. Why?

Thursday, September 18th, 2008
I bought 40,000 Citigroup Inc. (C: 20.77 +3.08%) @ $15.36.

I sold 75,000 Citigroup Inc. (C: 20.78 +3.13%) @ $21.25. And, I sold 50,000 Western Refining, Inc. (WNR: 10.50 -9.72%) @ $12.65.

You start to see the difficulty in tracking all of these fantasy transactions. Then you also need to keep track of modified claims and positions in the “comments section” where egregious confabulations take root like toxic mushrooms.

Motivation sir?

Indeed, he wants to sell you the “iBC PPT Stock Tool” whatever that actually is.